Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, the finals LIVE on
International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament
June 30th - July 3rd 2007
Place du Rhône / Centre Sportif de Vessy
Geneva - Switzerland
Beach Tchoukball

Little reminder of Beach Tchoukball rules

How many players play in a beach tchoukball team?
Unlike tchoukball, where a team consists of 9 players, only 5 people play in a beach tchoukball team. Three substitute players are allowed.

How are the points scored ?
The team that has the ball can make up to three passes (not including the entry pass) before shooting on one of the two frames. If the ball falls back on the ground within the limits of the field, the team scores. If the ball is caught by an opponent, the game moves on. When the player misses the trampoline or when the ball falls back on the ground outside of the field limits, the defending team gets a point.

Which are the particular rules for tchoukball and beach tchoukball?
Tchoukball is a non-contact sport. Disturb the opponent or intercepting his/her passes is prohibited. One must also note that the attacking team can score on either one of the two trampolines. However, there cannot be more than three shots made on the same frame.

How long is a game ?
While indoor tchoukball is played in periods of 15 minutes, beach tchoukball is played in sets. The first team to win three sets wins the game, and every set goes up to 15 points for men and 11 for women. Two gap points are required.

The complete rules are available on www.tchoukball.org