Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, the finals LIVE on
International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament
June 30th - July 3rd 2007
Place du Rhône / Centre Sportif de Vessy
Geneva - Switzerland
Beach Tchoukball

Tchoukball and beach tchoukball: a little history

A sport that develops a fair-play attitude
Tchoukball was created in Geneva at the end of the 60’s. Dr Hermann Brandt, a physician specialised in sports medicine, was leading research programs on team sports and aggressiveness in sports, when he decided to conceive a sport without any contact and that would develop a fair-play attitude. Tchoukball was born...
Out of Switzerland, this new sport quickly encountered a great interest in the United Kingdom, in France and in Taiwan. But its growth didn’t stop there; thousands of players practice it nowadays in the following countries: Pakistan, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Singapore, Canada, India, Belgium, USA, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, New-Zealand, Hungary, Chile, Australia, ...

A sport played in schools… and in competitions
Since the beginning of tchoukball history, its practice has quickly been spread in the schools, most of the Physical Education Teachers being very interested in its features. But tchoukball and beach tchoukball are also complex sports, played in competitions of a high physical level. Since 2000, the International Tchoukball Federation has among others concentrated its efforts on the development of international competitions, in order to allow a large number of people to discover this spectacular sports through the medias.

Retrospective on international competitions
The first international tchoukball game was played in 1970 in Geneva, but the real first world championships took place in 1984 in Taiwan. Since then, they have become much more modern and are now organised every other year.

Concerning beach tchoukball, the world championships of the summer 2005 are the first ones in history. They thus represent a capital step in the development of this discipline that first appeared on the Brazilian beaches in the early 90’s.