Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, the finals LIVE on
International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament
June 30th - July 3rd 2007
Place du Rhône / Centre Sportif de Vessy
Geneva - Switzerland
News 2006
03 mars 2010 - A new vidéo for you
A new video "Best of the World Championships 2005" is now online on the Tchoukball Promotion Youtube chanel: www.youtube.com/user/TchoukballPromotion. Take advange of it, it's probably one of the very best beach tchoukball video that have ever been made !
28 juin 2007 - Construction of the Beach Stadium
Tchoukball players are not afraid of giving a hand; indeed they helped building the Beach Stadium on Place du RhĂ´ne and finished their task yesterday. In order to realise what was accomplished, click on the photo-video menu - updated on a daily basis - to discover pictures of the event.
23 juin 2007 - Geneva Beach starts in a week time
In order for you to get ready for what you are about to live, click on the photo video menu of our website. There you will be able to download the video of the first sets of the women s and men s Geneva Beach 2005 finals. For sure this will warm up your eyes and will raise your adrenaline level! You can watch it without restrain.
19 juin 2007 - Interview of the Swiss Tchoukball teams coaches
The Swiss squads have been practicing for several months already in view of this international tournament. A few weeks before the beginning of the games, we met with the Swiss selections two coaches, Maxime Donzé and Romain Schmocker, and asked how they felt about the tournament. You can download these two interviews (in french) by clicking here. As you will understand by reading the interviews, one thing is for certain: whatever the weather conditions during the Geneva Beach, it will be very hot around the Place du Rhône in Geneva from 30 June to 3 July 2007!!!
22 mai 2007 - The very best will be in Geneva !
It is confirmed! The very best players from Taiwan, Canada, Great-Britain and Switzerland will be present at the 2007 edition of the Geneva Beach. Great and intensive games in perspective!
19 juin 2007 - The Finals live in 41 countries, in 9 languages
More and more people will have the opportunity to see games from the "Geneva Beach" going forward. Indeed this year the finals of the International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament will be broadcasted by Eurosport 2 and will be accessible to TV-spectators who access this channel in 41 different countries throughout Europe. These games will be commented in 9 different languages to allow all TV-spectators to better appreciate the play. You will soon find further information on this website on the games which will broadcasted. For further information on the countries, languages and providers, please click here.
22 mai 2007 - In a few weeks, the big festival will start again
For the 3rd year in a row, world beach tchoukball meets up in Geneva. The 2007 edition of the International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament, better known under "Geneva Beach" will take place at the sports center in Vessy and in the Beach Stadium at the Place du RhĂ´ne from Saturday June 30th until Tuesday July 3rd 2007. Save the date and come and see the world best beach tchoukball teams play against each others on the sand of Geneva.
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