Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, the finals LIVE on
International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament
June 30th - July 3rd 2007
Place du Rhône / Centre Sportif de Vessy
Geneva - Switzerland

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14 juillet 2006 - TAIWAN IN FORCE IN GENEVA IN 2007 !!!
We can already announce you a scoop for the next edition of the Geneva international beach tchoukball tournament. Taiwan will most probably come with a complete delegation in 2007!!! Indeed, following the success of this year's edition, the people in charge of the Taiwanese teams confirmed us their desire to come next year to the Geneva Beach with women, men and junior teams!
12 juillet 2006 - THE APPOINTMENT IS MADE FOR 2007
Two weeks after the event we can already make a first assessment of this weekend on the "place du RhĂ´ne" and in the Vessy sports centre. The event brought us a lot of very positive feedback from our partners (sponsors, players, VIP, etc). Thus several of the best players in the world already communicated us their intention to come again to Geneva in 2007. This example among many others enables us to be sure that this first edition of the international Geneva beach tchoukball tournament was a great success!

We were conscious of the challenge that the organization of an event represented, only one year after the enormous success of the Beach Tchoukball World Championships in Geneva in 2005. But thanks notably to the extraordinary work of our staff members, we fully achieved our goals.

From now we will start to work on the edition of 2007. To do so we are still collecting and analyzing the comments that this 2006 edition raises. Indeed, we want to learn as much as possible from what did during this edition in order to be able to offer you a new winning formula in 2007!

We are looking forward to seing you all next year during the new edition of the international Geneva beach tchoukball tournament.
10 juillet 2006 - the PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ARE ON LINE
There are many new things in the "photo and video" section! We offer you the video clip "report of the event"!!! (four minutes - version available in French, English and Chinese!) You will also find two other video reports made by our partner "LĂ©man Bleu".

Concerning the photographs, several new albums are available with among others images of the competitions in the Vessy sports centre and on the "Place du RhĂ´ne". But also some images of the tournament, backstage, as for example during the construction of the stadium.

Go and check that as quickly as possible!!!
This weekend on the "Place du RhĂ´ne", we were lucky to see matches of a very high level! Some of them were simply impressive! In particular the two finals which ended with "Ping Tong Taiwan" beating "Helvetica" and the English team of "Eastern Region" dominating the Swiss of "Team Lausanne Plus". The complete rankings as well as all the scores are available on this website in the section "watch the matches of the elite" (where you will also find all the results of the popular tournament which saw the victory of the team of "Vernier", from Geneva, over the English of "London").

We would like to congratulate and to thank once more all the people who contributed to the success of this tournament: our incredible staff members who were exceptional, the players, the audience, the sponsors, our partners, etc.
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