Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, the finals LIVE on
International Geneva Beach Tchoukball Tournament
June 30th - July 3rd 2007
Place du Rhône / Centre Sportif de Vessy
Geneva - Switzerland
Open tournament
The Open Tournament from A to Z

Accommodation in Geneva
Please contact us to receive the list of accommodation solutions that we can provide. We have offers for ALL budgets.

But... I’ve never taken part in a tchoukball tournament!
Well.. take advantage of this one to jump in! This open beach tchoukball tournament is a wonderful occasion to experience tchoukball, feet in the sand. Teams that are made up specially for the occasion are welcome (teams of secondary school pupils, Physical Education teachers, frends, coworkers...)

Sleep in Geneva for 0.- !
You don’t live in Geneva and you’re looking for accommodation during the tournament to enjoy the week-end?
Please contact us, we have all sorts of accommodations to offer, from 0.- on! (free accommodation in big dormitories, youth hostel, hotel, 5-star palace...).

Information and enrolment
Geneva Beach
Tournoi populaire de beach tchoukball
Guillaume Charpentier
Maison du Tchoukball
12, Chemin de l’Ecu
1219 Châtelaine / Geneva / Switzerland
Tél. : 079 / 823 92 48
Fax : 022 / 368 00 28
Mail: guillaume.charpentier@tchoukballgeneve.ch

Within the open tournament, all teams take part in their own category (juniors, M18 and Adults).

A fully garnished refreshment stand will be available to you for all the week-end in the Vessy Sports Centre and on the Place du Rhône.

Sunday 1st July 2007.

Deadline for signing into the «Geneva Beach» tournaments
All teams are to be signed in by the 20st June 2007.

Duration of the games
Many games of 12 or 15 minutes will be played every day.

If you are interested in signing a team into the Elite Tournament, we invite you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can send you all the relevant information (link on the page "Elite tournament and Rules").

Enrolment fees
40.- CHF per team

Sportswear, a cap, sunscreen… that’s it ! Let’s start playing !

Game schedule
Will be distributed on the premises when the teams arrive. A provisional schedule will also be available on this website a few days before the tournament.

Every participant must be individually insured. No health or accident is provided by the tournament.

Locker rooms and showers
Locker rooms and showers are available in the Vessy Sports Centre.

Official equipment used during the Tournament
«X500» Tchoukball frames and Team Spirit Balls, size 2, from Tchoukball Promotion (www.tchouk.com) - Top quality certified by the FITB (International Tchoukball Federation).

Open- Elite
Taking part in the Open Tournament allows the teams to play in a tournament that is adapted to «open» teams, and at the same time to use the facilities provided for the Elite tournament.
Enjoy it!

Every team will be responsible of providing referees for some games in the tournament. If you need any help to manage this refereeing, please tell us so when you sign in, we will make sure to find a solution.

Site and Map
Vessy Sports Centre
The final round of the Open Tournament will take place in the «beach stadium» on the Place du Rhône, in the city centre of Geneva.
A precise map will be sent to the representatives of all the teams.

Teams of the Open Tournament
Every team is represented by 5 players on the field. The number of substitute players is free. The participation of coed teams is encouraged.

A shuttle service will be set up for the players for transportation between the Vessy Sports Centre, the Place du Rhône and the accommodation sites. Complementary information on transportation will be sent to all teams.

Signing in gives the organisation committee all rights for photo and video material.